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IIN diarrhea for a whole day?
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I fell asleep last night with a sore stomach and early in the morning I got woken up because of how much it was hurting and went to the toilet. I've been having to go all day and it isn't solid it's like I'm peeing out of my butthole.

I've been drinking water but I've never had diarrhea for an entire day, my stomach doesn't hurt that much now but it kind of feels like I'm bloated. Should I go to the doctors if it doesn't stop tomorrow?
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Comments (7)
Yes that is normal.
I think it's because all the nasty liquids are coming out helping you to get better. However if you feel concerned about it' then go to a doctor, they might have a solution to help you get better.
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No, sit in the bathtub and bathe in it.
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Yikes, maybe you had food poisoning or muscle cramps. Go to the doctor as a precaution.
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Lay off all that mozzarella cheese you're eating. And cook the meat before you eat it.
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You probably have some sort of food poisoning. Either way, you should definitely get it checked out. Try taking some Imodium in the mean time.
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Could be a fever. I had that problem. It lasted a day but I was fine in the morning.
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Let all that waste out buddy.
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