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IIN dog neutering/spaying
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I don't like people who obsessively post about neutering or spaying your dog, as I see it as an extreme option to go through. The biggest argument I hear them repeat is that there are thousands of abandoned dogs/puppies on the streets, and it's true however as long as you properly care for your dog, your dog isn't going to be apart of that problem.

I've owned many dogs over the years and the only time one of my dogs has given birth is because I wanted her to because she was considered very healthy for her breed and I wanted to better the genepool of that breed. All puppies were given to good homes, but after that she didn't have any more litters.

Basically as long as you're smart and keep your dog in a secure place when unable to watch them and have them on a leash while outside you're not going to have an unexpected litter. If you want to own opposite gendered dogs don't, stick to either male or female.

It's just so simple, yet I see idiots everyday letting their dogs wander around unattended and get surprised when their dog gets or makes another dog knocked up.

I feel like having to go through an exam/test and getting a licence to own a dog would be a better option than just cutting a dogs balls off or ripping out their uterus, cause it seems like people like the quicker option better than the one that actually benefits the dogs.
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You can't ever be 100% sure your pet will never get loose or otherwise have an opportunity to breed. Besides, spaying or neutering prolongs the animals life.

In my opinion...and I have owned and worked with animals most of my life... I think animals can live a happier, MUCH less stressful life when not ruled by raging hormones. Animals in heat act ridiculous. Males attracted to them will kill themselves to get to that ass. It's no way to live.
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Humans should control their own disgusting population and leave dogs alone. They are the ones who cause most problems.
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You don't mention the very real issue of the serious health issues experienced by female dogs (and maybe cats too, I'm not sure about that) who are left unneutred but never bred.
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