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IIN feel like I got played !
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So I took care of my niece's kids for almost a decade.They are so bad, but I do love them and they know it.She blames me for them resenting her, but I never say anything bad about her in front of them.She makes three times as much as me and tried to take my Christmas presents and all of my groceries out of the fridge a couple months ago.

She complains about the very nice hand me down school clothes I got the kids and demanded I give her money for new. I said no because, I did it before and the kids came over in rags and she got herself Botox and with it. Last month,my hubby has a heart attack.

I had just had knee surgery. We need a break.She throws a fit and is furious I won't pick them up at the other grandparents 6 hours away because she doesn't feel like picking them up or paying for gas for someone else to drop them off. She wants me to do this every other weekend, and I really can't.

Then,she sends me a text saying their her baby daddy is out of prison and him and his new woman will be taking care of them because I am useless to her and doesn't think I need to see them anymore. If I want to see them I have to call her baby daddy.Then,she is like too bad you don't want them at your house, because they miss you. I love them kids and feel heartbroken, but am sick of this let me walk all over you , or else attitude.
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You are a wonderful person.This shit pisses me the fuck off.My wife and I can't have any children, but people like your idiot niece have litters of them.
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If I were you I'd be getting some legal advice to formalise access or custody arrangements: this woman has been using you for years and now wants to cut off contact with children you've cared for, that is just not fair to you or even more importantly, to the children.
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