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IIN for a dad to slap his child?
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Blah, so i was sitting in the living room btw the t.v was on so he came in and he told me he was about to turn it off kinda getting smart. I was supposed to be doing my homework which I was but not i wasn't doing it when he walked in. So i said i wasn't even watching it anyway, and if i was its not distracting me so ig he got angry cause I was sitting in the chair looking at the computer then boom i was turning to look at him and he slapped me and my glasses flew off. This isn't the first time he did this either this is like his 3rd or 4th time, and my mom is always there when he do's this and she says nothing at all, LIKE COME ON NOW. Then he started talking to me like a crazy person and i asked him this what you do now, hit girls? Then he started calling me the b word. "This lil b crazy"
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kill him and sacrifice his blood to me
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@: Fenrirr
Yeah, woo-hoo!
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And your how old?
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You are quite obviously under 18, therefore you should be telling this to child protection services, NOT posting on a site that quite clearly has a policy of 18+ for registration.
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Well, revenge is a dish best served cold. Keep studying so you can be successful in life then after your on your own maybe hire someone to beat the shit out of his ass. Or better yet, study martial arts then beat his piece of shit ass down yourself. Then again you never know he just may fall down and break his hip when he's old and decrepit. Laugh, make fun of him and hire neglectful caretakers when he's too old to care for himself.

*Note: Please don't hire someone to beat up your shitty father, because you could get into trouble for that.*
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I concur with your stepfather, you are a lazy little Bitch and deserve to get bitch slapped upside of your head!

It is time that you started taking your responsibilities seriously and do your homework like a good little girl.

Dumb ass bitches without a proper education just become some guys whore!
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You shouldn't talk back to your parents, but at the same time your father sounds abusive. His first reactions should neither be to assume you were doing something wrong, nor should it be hitting you. He should have asked if you've finished your homework first, and checked your work before doing anything else.

My advice? Study hard, and get good grades. Why? So when you graduate high school, you can get a scholarship to a university and move out of that house.
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I'm so sorry for you..I really don't know what I could do, but tell u to call the police or something. I wish I could do something(´・_・`)
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