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IIN for a man to want to buy women's shoes just to masturbate with?
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I have had a shoe fetish all my life. My wife is out of town and I have the urge to go buy a pair of women's shoes just to masturbate into while she's away. I'm thinking a nice pair of flats.
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I kinda like the shoes ON girls while i f*ck them.. don't know if it qualifies as a "shoe fetish", but sure, i think your question is normal.. whatever works for you.
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Normal? No, not at all, it's a very obscure fetish. That doesn't mean it's anything to be ashamed of, though. Plenty of people have sexual quirks just as weird or weirder.
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Eh...I know where you're coming from because I have a shoe fetish with girls. I've thought about going into a store and sneaking a pair of woman's shoes into the dressing room (with other clothes to hide them) and just licking them and possibly jerk off. Like some heels or boots of some sort.
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Go ahead, perfectly normal, don't feel guilty but if your wife doesn't know of this fetish: GET RID OF THE SHOES before she gets back, and NOT in your own trash bin... Just saying some women might spaz.
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My friend comes over and i hold my flats and shoes over his face. As he smells them i jerk his cock. I wear nylons with sneakers to get my toes sweaty. When a guy finally gets his fetish wishes. Cum just pumps.
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To me Chanel ballet flats are on the top of the list.

As you hold the flat over his face try putting the other one, with a little silicone lube on him, slide it over his member and see what happens next? If he has a shoe fetish he will do the shoe and love it and you even more.
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Laisez les bon temps rouler

Let The Good Times Roll !!!

A Shoe Fetish can truely be one of lifes gifts


it can be a curse.

If you have one you already know this.

If you do not,

it's hard to understand.

If you do have one,

then you already know an incredible and exciting secret that can add great social and personal complexity

Search words like, shoe fetish boot fetish, for lots of data even wiki talk.
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