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IIN for a seasonal to wait this long to hire
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Its been 5 weeks since I applied. This job says it takes 2 weeks to do background and process. I already got a schedule and everything. I was told I would get an email to come to orientation and now being told in an email no jobs exist in the company for that schedule. I called the HR and they said "We have no idea when the jobs will start". Its already November and the jobs only go from October10-january 1st. Since this is a seasonal position. They keep calling me on the phone to come to hiring orientation but I am already hired.
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Well if they wait any longer the season will be over
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Thats the point. These idiots are sitting on it though and its really pissing me off since they still sending me alerts on my phone "We are hiring, apply today" and then wont even put the people they hired to work.
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It sounds like you didn't get job . I'd look elsewhere for another job
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They already said I did though. Why would they lie?
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