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IIN for my dad/father to act like this?
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My paternal uncle moved into my state. I'm not a very social person but I managed to befriend his daughter, and we became the best of friends. (Her brother became my brothers best friend, as well.) She's 3 years younger then me, but she is very mature, and we get along very well.

My father, on the other hand, doesn't really like my uncle's family. That's because my uncle is always borrowing money from my dad, and my dad has to make a close investigation as to why and what he's going to do with the money. He tells me to treat my cousin like a kid, and he tells both me and my brother to not contact them at all. He's always backbiting them, and I feel really bad not being able to defend them in any way. My mom and older sister also join him, and I have to agree. I feel bad and I seriously hate how they are always making fun of and hating on gets on my nerves.

Is it normal that my dad hates them so much just because of that? Is it normal for him to act like this as a result of his hate towards his half brother?

In my opinion, it's my dad's fault for agreeing to let him borrow money when he asks for it. Like, if you're not willing to accept it, then don't do it. And if you're going to hate them because of the head of the family, that just doesn't make sense.

Also, my uncle is his half brother, but they were always close before this happened. After that, my parents are always talking shit about all my Paternal Half Uncles.

Even if he feels this way, why does he have to forbid me and my brother from befriending them? In the end, he has cyber-schooled us and disallowed us from contacting the outside world, but why our cousins as well?

I always admired my father, but now I think of him as a cowardly jerk.
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You're spot on: if your father loaned money to someone who hasn't paid it back, that's his problem, nothing to do with you or his half-brother's kids.

What do you mean by the cyber schooling and disallowing contact with the outside world? You managed to get onto IIN, didn't you?
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@: Ellenna
Haha, that's a different story. I mean, I have my ways, don't I?

But the thing is that he doesn't want us to be changed by society he says. It's one his annoying decisions, as a father. He thinks it's for the's not...
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Isn't he part of society? Is your family in some sort of religious sect or what? That's more than annoying, it's oppressive and restrictive.

Get out of there as soon as you can, he's a control freak.
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