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IIN for my son to grow breasts?
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My 13 almost 14 year old son recently began taking his sister's clothes and wearing them(bra, panties, etc.). He keeps wearing the bra and panties, but this only started a few days ago, and his chest is growing dramatically as if he were growing breasts for the last couple of years as if he were starting to grow like a girl does. Is this normal?
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That's unfair for him to take his sister's clothes. You should buy him his own pair of bras and panties!
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^ You're thinking if gynocomastia. This is rare for teens however. If he's starting puberty, boys produce heightened amounts of oestrogen, forming very small breasts. They go away after a week or two, but the fact he wears girls clothes worries me. Best get a doctors opinion, just to make sure.
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I think it's normal for your son (HE IS NOT AN "IT" Tyler3737) to experiment with trying on girls clothes, and it doesn't make him gay or a transsexual. The breast issue is of concern and is a rare condition that males experience during puberty. It has to do with too much Estrogen. His doctor can remedy this with medication. If his behavior escalates and he continues to dress as a female, to the point where you become worried, take him to a psychiatrist, so he has someone "safe" to talk to. I wouldn't make an issue out of it with him, he is probably aware that his body isn't like other boys his age, and I'm sure he is uncomfortable in his own skin. Reassure him that you love him for who he is on the inside and that you always will. Puberty is already confusing enough, and then to have this on top of it...the poor guy, I'd be confused too.
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In my opinion, if he wants to wear girls clothing, let him. Just make sure that he knows it's not a good idea to carry it on into public. It's not as unusual as you might think, many boys do it out of curiosity and many adult males enjoy dressing as a female in their private time. It's harmless. Just please, I beg you do not hate him or make his life difficult over something like this. In my reading and line of work I've seen so many boys emotionally abused and even disowned/beaten for having an interest in girl's clothing.
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Have him see a doctor.
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^ignore him/her.
it is normal for a young boy to experiment with girls clothing. just the same as it is for a young girl to experiment with guys clothing. not every child does it, but theres nothing wrong with it.
however, the thing with the breasts. there is a condition where males do develop breasts, i can't remember what it's called though. take him to a doctor to get a diagnosis.
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A very close friend of mine struggled with this, he is 100% straight, he loves women. For whatever reason though, wearing women's clothing in private was something that made him happy, and I could see that he enjoyed it. However when his parents found out they started to become bitter and hateful over it, and they never let go of it. He was really damaged by how his parents turned on him like "our son is a freak" and would never treat him the same. It's a harmless thing for your son to enjoy doing, especially when there are such worse things out there. Please just offer him understanding as he figures himself out, love him and give him safety and confidence in his parents. He may be different, but he's still a human being.
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is he taking contraceptive pils? it make guys grow boobies. talk to him and ask what's up then whatever it is that he confides in you, accept and don't judge.
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Your son is gay and he is taking female hormone pills...
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He could be transgendered which is fine. Him growing breasts could be a condition or like some of The users said due to contraceptives. Just be as supporting as you can and don't ask him in a accusatory manner.
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Have him see a psychiatrist, he's a boy, he shouldn't be wearing his sister's clothes.
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