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IIN for people to be annoyed by half-told things if they are a gossip?
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In my case i find it difficult dealing with one person i have to deal with a lot.
They EXPECT me to be able to make and keep up conversation.
YET get annoyed when i do not say more details than neccercary about most things.

In this case said person i am mentioning plus one of their friends hates it when i don't tell the whole story so to speak.

I am pretty good at saying most of what i want to say yet dodging the exact reason why or what specific thing i am reffering to, leaving it ambiguious yet quite possible to narrow down what i'm talking about.
Often times passing as a general comment.
I don't always talk so cryptically (it's often never actually cryptic though. Just...Dodging the exact topic i might be reffering to rather than the point i sm trying to get across itself) and this in fact only makes up a small amount of my actual talking.

But i find it hilarious that yes you might be a great friend to a lot of people but you are prone to prattling.

You see in this specific case she was trusted with certain private information about somebody else and also myself.
This person in a very public place 'outed' another person on top of missing a point with something i said a day prior. In a very, very public place to somebody who was not aware of either things.

I'm like an open book and my sense of stuff i consider to freely speak about and stuff i keep hush is quite different from most.


In such a judge-y town you dont just 1. publicly out a trans person and 2. misinform that a non-binary person as trans.

Then have the nerve to complain when i choose not to trust you with information i'd rather keep under wraps? Really?

Just the ignorance of some people, and what i said wasn't truly private but what the other person said was indeed private information and in my case it's misinformation.
All wrapped up in a distasteful remark followed by some choice jokes in public.

But is it normal for somebody who proves to be a gossip and or prone to saying things best not to just say on whim be annoyed by certain things getting said with choice info omitted leaving it slightly ambiguious? And then proceed to complain because you never said the entire thing? Just most of it? I don't do it with eveything. Just a few choice topics slash stuff i'd rather not become common public knowledge because they decided to prattle about it to their friends.

It may also be worth mentioning that while i do have a social life i never have been the most socialised person ever so most things regarding the art of dealing with people i'm pretty much in the dark a good half the time. I may be an adult but circumstances regarding socialising had never been favourable.

But after so long you'd expect them to get why but apparrently not.
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I didn't read all of that but hell yeah I hate people that do that.

Maybe it's their way of feeling special because if they won't say it all then its stfu
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I read all of it and I've just cut off people like that.
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