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IIN for trauma to destroy your sex drive?
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After my ex from two years ago left I no longer feel the desire to love anyone. I no longer feel sexual urges either. They teased me and pretended they were interested and lead me on but last minute ran off with my friend. I had other issues going on at the time but that was sort of the straw to break the camel so to speak. It's weird now since I can kiss people and even hug people and I feel 0 sensation and people touching me now is absolutely creepy.
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Yes it is but while I accept you were badly treated by someone, that in itself hardly constitutes trauma and 2 years is a long time to hold on to something you can't go back and change.

It seems obvious to me that you've built up a wall around you to avoid being hurt: if you're ok with that, continue you are, but if not you need to get some help with this or you'll be isolated from others for the rest of your life.
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Yes but it can be overcome with time and intent to change, depending on the degree of trauma.
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The mind is powerful but not powerful enough to reign in sexual urges, as pedos unfortunately exist. This means this is most likely some sort of chemical or hormone imbalance that is working against you. If you're on antidepressants especially, look into it.
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I would just have sex all the time until its fun again
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