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IIN for your family to not mention a reunion?
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Well shit, I just found out from a relatives Christmas card that apparently my family had a reunion this summer and nobody bothered to invite me. Now I am seething with hatred. I didn't want to hang out with most of them anyway but at least one of those pricks should've invited me.
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I am in the same boat and I have even asked to be informed of anything remotely serious in the family but my mom, who is the point of contact and the one expected to hand out info, picks and chooses what to tell based on her shitty judgement.
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They didn't want you there! Look at the man in the mirror! I'm almost certain there is a legitimate reason!
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Are you the uncle who gets drunk and dumps the buffet table into the pool in a fit of rage?
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@: xfg40
While that would be satisfying, no. The last time I saw most of the family I was still an underage fella who had only just taken up smoking and had not yet developed a drinking "problem". They have no legitimate reason for not inviting me. Well only my mom knows how to get ahold of me but still she has no excuse for not telling me. I know if I bring it up she will say something like " I figured you couldn't make it anyway" but we have this same discussion before when she failed to tell me that my favorite aunt had died and told me way too late about my grandma being in a major health scare and didn't say a word when my step-grandma died. I let her know that I wanted to be told whether she thinks I care or can show up ir what. It should be my decision but she takes away my choice by continuously keeping things from me because she "thinks" she knows better.
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