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IIN Grammarly ruins everything?
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I don't know if this is a glitch but it makes it hard to edit. Grammarly has a habit of adding the correction on one line to another. So like say top line correction is "four" not "For" it will add it for anywhere from 2- to the next 4 lines. Even if it makes no sense in that contact. It also will often take out 2-4 words in a sentence or partially remove those words so the sentence no longer makes any sense. For a grammar checking program, this is a pretty shitty one!
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Not familiar with it, but this does not surprise me.
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That sounds awful!
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Sounds really annoying. Words have to make sense in their contact!
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Grammarly should suggest the correction not auto correct it.
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It kind of is like Autocorrect.
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I hate the monthly report which tells me how thick I am.
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