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IIN he changed his mind?
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My ex bf told me he's not ready to be a dad I should get an abortion.. I was okay with that except I chose to keep it, I told him I will and he made it damn straight clear he doesn't want anything to do with it, I told him okay I get the memo loud and clear and I don't expect anything from him now or ever. So I don't get why the sudden interest in 'baby', wants to come to the next appointment in short he's being 'daddy' . He even wishes it's a girl and he's thinking of baby names.. Over protective if I take wine or want to smoke.. Do guys always come around?and Iin?
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Has he also changed his mind about financial support and just as important, practical & emotional support for you after the baby is born? You're both going to find out that the reality of a baby is very different from the idea or the fantasy and he may very well head for the hills, which won't be an option for you.

In the meantime, I'd be taking what he's offering but not counting on it being permanent, because it's very likely he'll change his mind again. I hope not, for your sake and the baby's.

By the way, he's right about the alcohol and the smoking: they both contain substances which are poisonous and even life-threatening to the foetus. Please don't risk having a puny sick or dying baby from nicotine or a mentally disabled one from alcohol. NOT WORTH IT, OP!
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What a nasty piece of work he is but I wish you good luck and hope you make a good mum
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I'm not surprised he changed his mind his in initial apprehensive could've just been shock, he might end up being a dedicated devoted father.
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He seems more ready than you to have a kid
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Thing is he really pushed fir the pro choice option and now he's playing daddy not sure if it's legit or a fake ass move.
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MM.. I reckon he just realised that's real. But I don't know.
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