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IIN I am not being hired
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It seems even when I am very qualified for a job most of them will not call back. However I always find work when I work for a staffing agency. What exactly are hiring managers looking for? If its not experience and certifications?
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If you're not being called back, then you probably aren't very qualified, at least compared to the other applicants.
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Personally I've only gotten hired when I genuinely wanted the job. Also I've been hired for I think 100% of jobs I wanted and applied for. But have also applied to between 100-200 and not gotten a call, because I think they can tell when you are uninterested.

The other thing I've done is persisted in showing up afterwords, or calling human resources, emailing, etc.

If they see you care, and act cool about it with a positive attitude, I think that's what they like to see.

I try to put myself in their shoes.
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