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IIN I cannot blow my nose
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Is it normal that for as long as i can remember i can't blow my nose? my mom would literally lock me in the bathroom when i was little and not let me go anywhere until i did it once. i cried and gagged and it was traumatizing. snot grosses me out so much and i just am so weird about people touching my nose or blowing there's. i don't know what is wrong with me
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i can blow out of my nose i just hate the feeling of snot coming out or seeing snot. she wasn't abusive lol she just thought it was a phase i would get over
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Snort your snot, and swallow it instead.
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Same here!
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so you physically cannot blow out of your nose? if you dont breath out of your mouth 24/7 i doubt that, but it sounds to me you have a stong phobia of snot, which is only yours btw, that has been forced on you by your abusive mother.
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