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IIN I can't clean my room ?
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Well I can clean my room, but I never do. My room is always messy, and for some reason it doesn't bother me.

I clean the rest of the house daily, making sure it's clean all the time. Some would say I have OCD because of how hard I try to keep the place clean, and because I never let it get dirty.

But my room doesn't bother me like how the rest of the house does. I clean everywhere but my room.

I probably clean my room about once a week, and it always looks like shit with clothes all over the floor an what not.

Can anyone relate ? Or does anyone have a idea as to why I do this?
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I can't concentrate on doing anything.
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No its not bloody well normal...
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So you "can't" clean your room and you "never do" but you "probably" clean it about once week.

WTF are you on about? You're not talking sense and it's a puerile subject anyway. Get a life
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@: Ellenna
What I'm trying to say is:

I'm very ocd when it comes to cleaning my house, I never let it get dirty.

But when it comes down to my bedroom, the ocd just disappears. I don't clean it because it doesn't bother me to have a messy room.

But it bothers me deeply to have a messy house and I just don't know why.

I have to clean my room at least once a week if I want to get from the door to my bed without stepping on my clothes.

Now was that so fucking hard you stupid bitch ?
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You can't be obsessive compulsive disorder, you can only have it.
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So do I have it or not ?
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Lil Johnny
I want you to stand in a corner for 20 minutes and then go clean your room like a respectable lil boy that you are
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You obviously have no boyfriend!
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Your either too busy with your everyday life to worry about it or you can't make the mental and physical commitment to have it meet your standards. For all you know it might actually be pretty clean and you see it dirty.
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