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IIN I don't buckle my belt or zip/button my pants?
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I'm at that obnoxious point where I just don't care anymore
So I don't buckle my belt or button or zip my pants anymore
I wear pj pants most often, then sweatpants, then like normal khakis or jeans, and I just kinda leave them open
I usually wear pj pants or boxer shorts under my jeans/pants so it ain't like I'm flashing anyone
I don't know why I even wear the belt at all it just kinda hangs
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Comments (3)
It must be interesting walking behind you and watching your pants fall down in public.
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I'm on board with the idea of not buckling/buttoning/zipping up your pants, but you can do two out of those three things at any one given time or your pants wouldn't stay up.
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It's a comfort thing. My hot older sister undoes her jeans and lets them hang down below her navel, showing off the top of her thong underwear, all the time at home. If has to head out for smokes or something fast, she won't bother to button or zip back up, and go into a store or mini-mart all exhibited like that.
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