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IIN I don't feel like kissing
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To begin with, I have kissed before...I actually enjoyed it the first times but now I don't want to. I don't get it, whenever I get close to a significant other I just can't. It's not like I don't get aroused and have sex but it's just kissing and being affectionate is something I don't feel like doing. I thought it was probably because I genuinely haven't had real feelings for another person in a while but maybe it isn't. And somehow all of this gives me an empty feeling, like a hole within me that I can't really fulfill.
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Kissing is overrated, sex is a much better way of showing somebody how much you love them!
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please give me your girlfriends contact information so i can show her what its likt to date a REAL man
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She's dating me for that reason...she's not into "REAL men". She's more like the vagina lovin type. We feel bad you have such a big ego tho :/
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Oh, shes one of THOSE gals. That's fine, more kissing and sex for us who know how to enjoy each others bodies. RIP in peace
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She is my kind of babe. I love to kiss with exquisite sensuality. I have a warm sense of touch, and I also like to fuck slowly, feeling all the folds and moistness with my responsive passionate and lustful penetrations. After 45 minutes, I'll shoot a full tablespoon of jizz deep within her. After play, with a gentle massage comes next.

You can take it from there.
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