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IIN I don't think "hate speech" should be illegal
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I don't. I think it's important to hear the un-filtered filth people want to say, so we can recognise and challenge bad ideas when they appear. The only exception I would make is when it's literally verging on threats and physical violence.

I think banning hate speech is a slippery slope. It's bad when you have potentially harmful ideas masquerading as "identities", such as religious identity, which can't be questioned or it's "hatred".

As a gay man, thank goodness America does not block The Westboro Baptist Church's free speech. Why? Because people see what they're saying, see how extreme it is and are rightly disgusted by it. Hearing their zeal and bigotry has (partly and indirectly) helped some people become supportive for LGBT people.

It also works in the other direction. People are seeing the outright lies, victim mentality, double standards and racism of low expectations that the SJW extreme far-Left has, and there's massive resistance rising against that too.

It's important to keep the balance in society to allow ALL speech, perhaps short of literally calling for violence.
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Absolutely. It's a small step from banning "inciting hated" to banning all dissent. For instance I recently read about a guy in Turkey (which is basically a dictatorship now) who was jailed for for criticizing the government/country under what basically sounds like a hate speech law.
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You're only looking at the positive as if the majority of people have common sense to understand when they're being lied to or played for a fool. The issue is common sense isn't common, and humans are naturally violent.

It's hard to regulate hate speech due to extremist who take just about anything way too far, and it always leads to violence. Why risk getting unnecessarily yelled at, harassed, beaten up, or killed over trivial nonsense.
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Making hate speech illegal is the opposite of freedom of speech. Plus the majority of people who listen to it aren't swayed by the arguments, so it really just incites a bunch of people who are hateful anyway to clap and stuff. Nobodys going to listen to a westboro baptist church speech and say "Oh wow yeah I liked gay people before but after hearing this guy I totally want to KILL FAGS" They just laugh at the ignorant sister-fuckers or call them a bunch of assholes. Plus there's no way to really legally define what is actually hateful andwhat the government just doesnt want people saying.
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Hate speech is so vague too there is a general definition but theres so many things left unanswered that it would be outright ridiculous to ban it. Hate speech is included in the free speech act and it should stay that way.
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Hate speech should be completely legal. In this way, Islamic fundamentalists that teach hate of other religions can be discovered and quietly disappear for their own elimination; just more evidence that freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.
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