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IIN I hate debating when I'm ranting
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I'm kind of emotional, and sometimes I let my feelings get the best of me. When I do, I tend to rant, because I need to get my anger out.

Now I don't mind, and even enjoy healthy debate. However, I can't stand when people try to debate me, when I'm flipping out.

Most of the time, I'm ranting from a purely emotional, perspective. When I actually calm down, and realize I've been stupid, I'm able to admit I was wrong.

So when I'm in super, angry, rant mode, and people try to debate me, I just get like even madder.
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You need to consult a psychiatrist. Your conditions isn't normal. You may be a danger to yourself and people around you.
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Ignore the 'no'. I accidentally hit it when I meant 'yes'. (It's so frustrating! I didn't need to start a debate! I needed to vent!)
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Same here OP. Usually all I need is the person to understand and empathise with me. Frustrating arguing with people who don't and won't understand where you're coming from or the underlying reason for the rant.
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God, this 600x over. Debating when you're in the mood for it is fabulous as balls, but, when you're mid-rant as someone tries to derail your emotional statements with some counter-argument, you just wanna smack the shit out of them.
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