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IIN I hate facebook!
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I hate facebook! I think its petty and desperate. IIN?
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Yes i hate Facebook, all people do is wrap
their life's around Facebook.
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Yey it's totally normal
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Then why is mark zuckerberg the 5th richest man on the planet?
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Maybe cause there's a shit load of queers out there
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It's normal. I barely use Facebook for much since most of the people on there are always whining about petty things or they're bashing someone who has a different belief than they do.
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facebook is gay
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I hate facebook cause most of my "friends" are from High School and I hate everyone from HS so yeah I guess I hate facebook. Every time I go there and scroll, I get annoyed then I remember oh yeah most of these people are from HS, explains it.
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Yeah, I hate Facebook too.
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I haven't been on Facebook In years. Hate it.
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I quit 2 years ago. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.
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I absolutely detestable I deleted my facebook account 3yrs ago it was like a huge weight of my shoulders and believe in or not how much free time I have gained
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