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IIN I hate using the bathroom at a restaurant?
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I feel like it's rude even though I know it's there for a reason. I don't want the people eating around me to think about poop or piss. I just wait until I'm at the mall or in the comfort of a private bathroom.
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Comments (5)
The toilet is there for a reason and that is for people to use it. If people think about poo because you went off to the toilet and are grossed out about it then it shows their immaturity which is not your fault. You do realise it is very common to have to poo after a meal, especially a big meal and that is why most restaurants have toilets in them because a lot of people that have just eaten a big meal have need to poo. If you need to use the toilet just use it, if others are grossed out that is their problem, maybe they should stop being so immature.
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If they have an issue with it maybe they should eat at home hahha to me it's not normal you worry about this cos I crap whenever I wanna crap
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Thank you, I'll try to walk without shame. Try.
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I like masturbating in rest rooms, specially the public ones!
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It's very normal.
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