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IIN: I have hairs growing from a mole (In my late 30's)
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IIN: I have 5 hairs growing from this one mole on my face (4 black hairs and one wirey blonde hair. In my late 30's. I pluck them out, but it it normal for them to grow there in the first place and so many at that?
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It's the mole you should be concerned about, not the hairs growing out of it. I'd suggest you have the mole itself checked out.

I started getting more facial hair at about your age, so I reckon it has to be hormonal and normal.
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@: Ellenna
Thanks will do. I see the dermatologist yearly to get my moles checked out!
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This is common I think, I have one on my arm that grows (relatively) longer and darker hairs than the rest of my arm. I've considered getting it removed because, while it's not big, I don't like it.

It's if you see changes in the mole itself (colour, size or shape) you might want to get it checked out by a doctor. Can be serious.
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I don't think its abnormal but you could ask Dr Google.
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Are you a witch?
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@: jethro
HA, I hope not :P
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Sounds beastly.
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