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IIN I just realized...
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IIN I just realized if you rearrange a few letters Santa becomes Satan?
I don't want Satan coming down my chimney.
Now I'm afraid of Christmas.
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Comments (5)
No.. he's not satan.. people just call him that.. he is Lucifer... He was the first angel ever created by god. An archangel actually.
He and his dad didn't go along and he got frustrated and wanted to destroy gods smartest creation. That's us. The humans. So god caged him.
You are too small for Lucifer. He won't come for you. And other archangels won't let him come for us the whole humanity.

On the other hand, santa is a demigod. He actually isn't as good as is shown in christmas. He needs sacrifices in real. He offers gifts to people who sacrifice to him.

No santa comes down anyone's chimney nowadays Cause sacrifices have stopped.

Still worried, light your chimney on christmas eve.. no fuging being will come down a lighted chimney to burn his you know what...
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This reminds me of a creepy pasta I once heard on YouTube.
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Really Rosie...?? Could you share a link..??
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I tried to find it, but...
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well who the fuck else could survive myall chimney?

its hot as hell in that fucker
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