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Iin I like pumping water in my anus?
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After pooping I like pumping moderately hot water inside my anus through a pipe and pooping out the water again. I do it 2 or three times so that morenpoop can come out with water. I feel my insides are more clean after that.
I also like warm feeling of water inside my tummy.
Is it normal? I hope it's not harmful.
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Fucking freak!
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Dont be mean everyone has done gross things
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Doesn't sound harmful. Mostly a cleanse. I don't know about using a pipe, though. Maybe just a hose or something to stream the water. When I have really bad roids, sometimes I'll take a small hose, fasten it to the sink, and shoot water up there to feel better. Never felt it inside my stomach, though.
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did you come as well?
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When im in my hot tub I like to use the whirlpool jet to pump water in my ass it feels good
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Isn't that basically an enema?
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Yep, gross us out with all the disgusting details, pervert. Why don't you try a gasoline enema with an open flame. If you video recorded that it would provide highly amusing entertainment for many. BBQed pervert, extra well done, hahahaha!
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Excellent story. I really appreciate all the lurid details. Thanks for sharing.
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Are you female ?
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