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IIN I like to shop for clothes for my wife?
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My wife does not enjoying clothes shopping but I do and I even enjoying buying clothes for her. I also get to decide what she wears and I feel I have a much better eye for fashion than she does.
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I clothes shop for my life-sized sex dolls at Gap Kids.
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Love to go with my wife to ensure she only buys sexy clothing and tops which show her tits through. She never wears a bra so the guys always get an eyefull.
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Well do you. If she will let you do that for her, keep it up. Am sure you are saving her time to say the very least...
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So, do you try them on in the store also ?
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I've done with with/for my hot older sister. We've been messing around for years, and sometimes she likes me looking for and getting her sexy, revealing clothes, just for us. Actually doing that longer than we've been messing around. Back when she worked part-time at a women's clothing store, she'd tell me to go pick out something I wanted to see her in, and would wear it for me.

My favorite was always bikini shopping with her. First, she'd get her own, always black and sexy, then have me find one that only I'd see her in..The tinier, the better. Deal was, if I was paying for it, she'd have to wear whatever I picked out. Had some very hot, barely-there, string bikinis in her drawer that I bought for her, and would, as our deal, wear them in her apartment when I visited, no matter time of year.

Clothing-wise, I'd say my favorite was a skin-tight, form-fitting, short as can be, brown leather skirt she had. That thing just screamed..Fuck me.
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I absolutely love shopping for dresses, skirts and tops, bras and panties.It is the delight of the colours and styles and different fabrics. I should point out I am a magure age guy. I also spend a good deal of time wanding through the make-up section even though I have more than enough make-up at home. I just love looking and touching. Girls have such an array of clothing and accessories and certainly more exciting to wear than guy's stuff.
Dressing up and feeling femininly fabulous is what life is all about.
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