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IIN I pretend to be fictional characters on websites like Yahoo Answer
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Yeah, I think its fun to do that. But do other people do that too? And how do I get a good reply?
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Why use Yahoo Answers when you could use IIN!?
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Because there are not enough regular users to call troll on Yahoo Answers.
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So you become your alter ego, I see that's being fake though, I am who I am :)
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Do you mean like pretending to be the character? You know, you could always make a page on facebook and use that as your fantasy-world thing.

I actually rp as Mello from Death Note, it's dorky and geeky but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I have a small group that I rp with and it's like having our own epic story in real time.
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Totally normal. I have a twitter, email, yahoo answers, IIN, and a Facebook for PEETA!!!!

Check the name.
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roleplaying as a character? many do it, just look at how many different roleplay forums, and "ask ______ blogs on tumblr there are. many sites I've been to have at least one person roleplaying as one of the mlp ponies.
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