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IIN I send nudes to gay guys, but I have a girlfriend
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I like the reaction gay guys give, I have a great ass, they compliment the fuck outta it. My girlfriend prefers my arms and my chest and thinks it's weird I like my ass so much. Also I like hearing other men talk about how they want to get fucked by me. It's like an alpha dominance high having another guy say he'd be your bitch. Doesn't turn me on, I get nothing sexual out of it, just a pat on the back to my masculinity. I got no interest in being with these guys, I just like the praise and compliments. My girlfriend doesn't know.
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Tell your girlfriend you weird fucker!
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Bullshit you want your arse fucked fucking queer!
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im with you i do the same thing its normal deoending if you ike your girl enough
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You should tell your girl; She might like it if you're ok with threesomes.
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no its not normal u are bi curious and u must accept it
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