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IIN I sleep 16+ hours a day? + Sleep in public
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I'm active and eat a raw diet, I drink often and am an ex-junkie, but I'm not a drunk. I'm 22 and a guy. I sleep 2100 to 1000 and then take a 3 hour nap after class plus randomly throughout the day. I can't do alarms, they don't wake me up, I sleep like a rock. I can sleep standing up, and fall asleep a shit ton in public. If I get tired I just kinda lean against a building or something and take a nap. I live in a city so I'm sure people just assume I'm homeless and leave me alone, which is pretty dope. I have incredibly dark circles around my eyes and already have a pretty sunken face. I just look fuckin' dead tbh. I've been to a doctor and they say I'm fine.
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I wonder which doctor said you are fine. You are absolutely not. It seems because if being a junkie yor brain lacks in certain chemicals which include adrenaline which makes you so sleepy.
You need to be checked by better doctors and have your blood tested for lack in important vitamins and chemicals.
Increase water in your diet for dark circles.
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Doctor says you're fine? What the fuck?
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Many drugs, notably meth, will leave their users with depression when they stop using due to depletion of dopamine and acetocholyne, amongst other things.

If I were you, I'd start by seeing a general practitioner to get some tests done to make sure you don't have a deficiency of any sort and then see a psychiatric professional to possibly get on some anti-depressants to see what that does for your energy levels.
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