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IIN I sometimes get over enthusiastic when meeting a new person and ..
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End up pushing them away?

Sometimes when I meet a really awesome person, I get so excited that I'll talk to them A LOT! I kind of just get caught up, want to tell them everything and know everything about them! For example I met my cousin last week who's much older than me but she seems awesome. I text her the very next week after meeting her. We had a really great flowing conversation so I messaged her the next day as well. It ended off great and she said definitely talk again soon. I have has to tell my self to calm down because I'm the type who could easily talk to her everyday asking different questions. I don't want to be annoying or over whelming so I haven't text her for 4 days and will probably text her in a week or so. Am I too much ? I'm trying to learn to calm down lol
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If you like talking to them, then just keep talking.
And if you annoy them, they'll probably tell you or not respond at all. No harm done either way.
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ya, try to focus on other things, maybe even wait for them to text you, also dont take advice from strangers on the internet
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