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IIN I think it is generally a waste to have pets?
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Let's be honest; cats and dogs aren't very sanitary.

They carry parasites, throw up and urinate on carpets not knowing any better, wipe their butt on the floor. Gross!

Pet food is such a waste to agriculture. We can barely feed our population, yet we are feeding mostly unnecessary pets.

I'm not saying all pets are bad - dogs are quite intelligent. They can smell drugs, guide the blind, hunt etc. Cats are amazing farm animals. I just believe we need to greatly reduce the number of pets, and yes, people as well.

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Get fucked.
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If humans don't take care of them they will just wander around streets and sidewalks.
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My dog has no parasites, doesn't throw up or urinate on carpets and if she wiped her butt on the floor I'd know she needed vet treatment.

For the small amount of about AUS$5-10 pw she costs to feed and for vet insurance I get companionship, a reason to walk most days and protection: I reckon she's cheap at the price!
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I think most pet food is made out of shit humans don't eat. Hwat whould you prefer those things get used for?
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Who the fuck is "we" that's gonna "greatly reduce" their numbers?

While I do not see the point in having pets myself, there are obviously people who enjoy their company. So have some damn empathy

All this seems like it's stem back to your own feelings of uselessness. Fix your problems first and see if you still feel this way.
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Dogs and cats will make you feel better :D
They are awesome
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My dog doesn't do any of the things that you listed... And if she did, then that would mean a trip to the vet. But so far, she's been very healthy. She's also very clean, quiet, potty trained, and is extremely well behaved. She also happens to be the best thing that's ever happened to me... She's the funniest thing, and she always gives me a reason to laugh/smile. And If it weren't for her, I'd probably still be self-harming. Animals truly do make you a happier person.
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why aint throngsa dawgs and cats owners showin up sick then?
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My little dog doesn't do the things you listed. She is delightful and I don't know what I would do without her.
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