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Iin I want to feel her boobs?
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She is my friend and my neighbor. I want to feel her boobs they are beautiful and sexy at same time.
I want to complement her about them but I fear she may feel offended or harrassed.
Also I would like to know how do women feel when their boobs are felt or fondled.
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Comments (5)
God! Okay so there is this guy that constantly complements my boobs and it's so creepy. He like "you have big boobs" "I really want to feel them" it's creepy so definitely don't complement her on her boobs...
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Of course you love her boobs. All guys do. That's because all guys are creeps. Instead of focusing on her boobs, tell her you don't give a fuck, and be cocky and funny. Tell her you are suspicious that she is going to chop off your cock.
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Focus on her cunt instead, the loitering creep is a cunteater and a cocksucker too.
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Most women tease guys with their boobs, my wife does it all the time. They love the attention they get from it. Just go outside in summer and see how many are on show. Looking and touching are two different things, some like having them touch, my wife finds this a sexual turn on but others find it uncomfortable and you will end up arrested. Be careful I would suggest you accidentally on purpose brush past them and see what reaction you get from her before progressing further.
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I have been complimented about my boobs before and it's kind of creepy. You may have desires but keep them to yourself. Instead of wanting to fuck her, get to know her and love her for her personality.
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