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Iin i want to get my book published?
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I love writing, and in something I've been working on, there is a shapeshifting black dragon named Pique. He is sarcastic and funny but sometimes downright cruel.

In man's form, he was the bassist in Khronic Khonstipation. His power is either to cause or relieve pain as he chooses by either his music or vocals (demonic growls) and those tattooed with his old band's logo must respond to him – emotionally, physically, sexually – everything, because their tattoos glow red-hot then turn ice-cold. When he leaves them -– as he always does –- they go mad from desire and eventually die still wanting him.

Injured now, the only survivor when his tour bus crashes, reliving what he believes were his glory days (he tells tall stories), he seeks sanctuary in a nursing home as there is literally nowhere else for him to live and he is enraged by what he finds.

I really want to get this published as an actual book, but I don't see how – nobody seems to read books anymore. If it is, I want a film, accompanying soundtrack, comic book, merch from his fictional band, underwear saying “Twin Piques”.....
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I'm a fan of fantasy/sci fi. And just from your synopsis I don't think I'd read your book.
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In your post, there were two things in your book that sounded great - good, refreshing concepts.
Overall, though, it's too much fantasy for my liking.

Regarding your writing style in this post:

It was a flowing and a good read.

Based on that, I would read short stories written by you.

The clever way to go about this would be to create an e-book (I know of a great site you can design and sell them on but the name escapes me now) and see how that goes. Sell it cheaply at first - $2 or so - just to create awareness and create a fan base. As it becomes more sought after, increase the price. If it sells well; that would be the indication to turn it into a soft cover book.

Good luck to you.
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