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IIN i want to learn more about humans.
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I am fascinated with how different and unpredictable human species is as if every individual is insane. They protect their kind, they kill their kind. They feed their kind and torture and starve their kind. They share as well as they loot. I want to learn more about them. Could you share your knowledge about them?
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Sure thing, just let up on the friggin abductions, and anal probing and we'll tell you anything you want to know.
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Humans have free-will. All of these things are available.

Animals dont do this because they're controlled mostly by instinct.
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well said SN - the perfect answer
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@: Jujudog
thank you, SAND NIGGA OUT!

XD haha
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I refuse to release any of my own research on the denizens of this planet until such time as you TAKE ME BACK HOME you pack of miserable bastards! "Just going to pop out past the Van Allen belt for a minute so Alf can make a phone call, be right back" indeed! Do you realise just how fucking boring this planet is!
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It's normal. I want to learn about human bodies to so it's very normal.
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