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IIN I want to throw my life away ?
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I'm a suicidal 18 year old female.

My therapist told me to do what makes me happy since my dreams are unattainable. ( I wanted to become a surgeon or a pathologist, but I wouldn't be able to finish school until 45 due to financial problems.)

I recently saw a movie called 'In to the Wild' and it inspired me. My dream was to live in California after my career got started, since that's not working out, I'd like to go there ahead of time.

I want to make the craziest journey of walking to California from New York, then walking to Healy, Alaska.

I can't exactly leave the country because I would never be able to afford that plane ticket, but I haven't explored much of America. I'd like to do that, the tramp way. (Tramp does not mean whore.)

Does this sound crazy ? I've already mapped out my adventure and took the time to carefully write down the directions and draw sketches of what I should see when I need to make important turns.

I want to live in the wild, I want to explore and experience the world before I decide to leave it. I want to find myself. I want to live my dreams.

I have already started to gather supplies and gear, I plan on leaving next year at the end of winter.

It makes sense in my head, but I can't really trust my judgement at this time. What do you think ?

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Go for it! I wish you the best of luck on your adventure! But please stay safe and be careful.
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I'd say killing yourself is probably cheaper. I'm just playing, but in all seriousness, do it! You'll have a story to tell; you'll have experienced things in life others have not ;)
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No reason to throw away a perfectly good female like that
I say live life and see where you go
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Lmao if you think I'm reading any word of this novel but based off your title, kill yourself, heathen
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Go for it! Many people would love to have such an adventure but would be too scared of breaking routine.
Can you ride a motorcycle? A smallish bike is a brilliant and fairly cheap way to independently explore the country.
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