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IIN I've stopped trying to missing him
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So my boyfriend is a commercial fisherman and for the last few years, we have only gotten 2-3 months together at a time so basically like half the year together if that. He is away right now crab fishing and is wrapping up the season and coming home Monday. I do miss him but also feel rather numb about his abscence if that makes any sense. Like he won't be home until Monday (which is only 5 days away) but I'm not like chomping at the bit what so ever. It's like I've grown this numbness and accepted the fact that he's never here and that it's going to be forever until I see him again. But I'm like holy shit. Monday is just around the corner, life's going to be different soon. I miss him but is it normal to feel so numb and just let time slip by? I feel like he expects me to be more expressive about my longing for him but it's like why torture myself when I can just be a zombie? Might seem selfish? But is it a normal way of coping?
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It's a coping mechanism. Not sure if it's 'normal', but it is pretty common when it comes to long distance relationships.

Do you guys have opportunities to text or anything? If there's an available moment, I think you guys should find little ways to communicate. Whether it'd be taking pictures/selfies or sending voice clips, little things can help.
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That doesn't sound healthy. Maybe you should visit a therapist, to confide in someone about this?
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You need to consult a psychiatrist. Your conditions isn't normal. You may be a danger to yourself and people around you.
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