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IIN my bird talks to me?
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I don't mean repeating words over and over, but actually knowing what those words mean. My bird knows over 100 words and he doesn't say random things, he actually knows what they are.

Here are some examples; when he wants to play he will tell me "I want to go outside!" he will keep saying this until I let him out, and when he's ready to go back in he will fly over to me and say "Time for a nap" (sometimes I have to put him inside when he doesn't want to and he will scream "Free me!"

He tells me when he's hungry and he actually tells me what he would like to eat, I ask him and he says a fruit, vegetable, etc.

I usually show him the fruit and he'll either say no or yum which means he wants to eat it. He also asks questions, like one time he asked what color he was.

So is it normal? Obviously his speech isn't perfect and occasionally gets something wrong, but he is a very smart bird.
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Gotcha the cockatoo.
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Cool movie idea dude.
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Cats talk to me.
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