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IIN my cat hates my roommates?
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I not sure why but my cat hates my room mates. He use to be cool with them but now he gets super defensive around them. Me on the other hand he adores and he has been acting very aggressive with anyone who isnt me. He always was very shy around other people but it seems he is just getting worse. Now the only person he likes is ME and only ME. generally he was okay with me and whoever I lived with but now he just hates everybody who is not me.
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Comments (7)
He's being molested when you're away.
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@: xfg26
You cant molest a cat.
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They're obviously mistreating that cat behind your back. That's the only explaination I can think of for a personality shift like that in an animal.
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I suspect that your roommates are mistreating fluffy in your absence. Unfortunately, a lot of people like to tease and abuse animals especially cats, because cats don't take orders. My cat is obedient to me, because he trusts me, and have a bond together, besides I enjoy treating him like the precious baby his is! My cat is God's gift to me!

Even dogs won't take orders from everyone, especially not people they distrust, fear or don't respect. Your roommates are not the pack leader! Sorry, but I couldn't help quoting Cesar Milan!

I'm a firm believer that animals and small kids are great judges of character!

Of course this is the slight chance that I could be wrong, perhaps your cat is dominant and aggressive while the roommates are skittish and afraid, but I doubt it. If you're technically inclined you might want to hide some nanny cams around the house, and see for yourself. Nanny cams have exposed child and elder abuse on numerous occasions, the camera doesn't lie!

Well, I wish you and your kitty all the best! To be honest I don't care so much about the roommates.

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My cat is doing the same thing around my roommate as well. It is weird there was a post like this. Should i give him sushi to bribe him to be a good cat?
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Well, it's always good to give a feline some sushi on good principal alone. I also think you might want to consult with a ferret on this as well.
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I have tried everything with this six month lab. It's obnoxious won't listen. Constantly in your face biting and jumping. Sorry not everyone can afford expensive trainers. I am about to turn it over to a lab rescue. Why this dog ever got the number one breed I will never know. Should have got a different breed. I do love dugs but obviously this wasn't the dog for me.
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