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IIN my coworker got me fired?
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Well I say she's my coworker because we worked in the same restaurant, but we were never there at the same time. I was the evening salad person, and she was there in the afternoons. Overall I liked my job. It got overwhelming at times especially when the restaurant was busy, but I had no choice but to suck it up. I was depending on that job for financial stability.

Before closing time, when I was done making salads, my job was to clean and organize the server station. That wasn't easy at first but I was adapting. However, the afternoon salad person apparently would pitch a fit if everything wasn't done exactly how she wants it. Mind you, she's not the manager or the owner but everyone would back her up, like "you have to do it this way because otherwise Denise gets upset," or "Denise is the only one here in the afternoon, we have to make things easy for her." I'm all for being considerate of other people, but I was the only person who made salads during my shift but apparently that didn't matter. She often left tasks unfinished and got away with it. And guess who had to do them. Anyway, even though I thought it was unfair I tried my best because I didn't want to lose my job.

Eventually I was laid off. The manager said I "looked too overwhelmed." I do get overwhelmed easily, to be honest, but again I was trying my hardest. I think it's a possibility my coworker made a complaint about something being slightly out of place, or something stupid like that because she's so picky. Is it normal that she gets away with being lazy and bitchy? Is it normal I may have lost my job because of her? I don't mean to point fingers...just looking at facts.
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It's not normal. Obviously she's buttered up the boss in some way or another, or maybe he/she just has a preference towards her. You have my sympathy.
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I'm sorry you've lost your job and yeah, maybe this Denise person caused it, but you'll never know. This sort of crap happens all the time in all types of workplaces and unless you're a union member and/or live where there's unfair dismissal legislation, there's not a thing you can do about it.

"Looking overwhelmed" doesn't sound like a legitimate reason to me: specific complaints about failings in your assigned tasks would be.

You'll just have to move on, I'm afraid, and I wish you well in finding
another job.
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