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IIN my dads flat mate took random pictures of my sister, dad & I??
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Its really odd because he hates my dad. We have heard a lot of mean things my dads flat mate says to him. He's rather controlling of small things like not allowing my dad to have a plant my sister and I gave my dad for Xmas in the house. When my sister & I met him, he was super friendly & nice. The complete opposite of what my dad has experienced. He Also randomly took out his camera & told us all to stand together. Then he said "OK dad, out of this one, just your two girls".
We asked why do you want them? He said for his archives.
IIN he wanted pictures of us despite hating my dad ??
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Seriously your dad needs to take a bat to this weird fuckers head!
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"Archives" = masturbation folio.
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If they're only flat mates how come this man has such control over your father? Is he in fact the landlord or what?

As to the photo's, he sounds weird: why isn't your father standing up to this person or finding somewhere else to live?
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@: Ellenna
Yes he's the landlord and only comes to stay every now & again since he travels a lot for work I think...
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That just screams "pedophile" I would find the camera or phone and delete them. Those are probably for his spank bank. Or he will Photoshop your clothes off again for his spank bank. I would really confront him and don't ask, DEMAND he delete them. Tell him you thought about it and you don't know him well enough for him to have pictures of you and your sister. You just don't feel comfortable with it. If he argues about it then he probably has intentions of doing things with your pictures. But he may have copied them to another device or SD card. I would say avoid him.
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Landlord guy is using the "just the girls" pics to beat off until he's dehydrated and blue. No question. I'd have fun with it next time, and offer him a few shots. Pose, stick your ass up, lift your shirt.. Play it up for him and embarrass the hell out of him.
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Sounds very suspicious to me radom pictures of 2 girls weird sod
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You're not one to talk you creepy bastard.
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