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Iin my facebook friend posted this?
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I think it's bullshit that that man who killed and ate that other man got life in prison. The other guy gave his full consent, and WANTED to be killed and eaten more than anything. The man who killed him posted ads online looking for willing participants, and if he met up with someone who chickened out and changed their minds he had no problem stopping and letting them leave. Several psychiatrists evaluated him and said he wasn't a danger to society. There's no reason why he should be in prison for life.
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WTF? No none of that is normal, and regardless of consent it's wrong, it's all completely wrong! The desire to be killed and eat is wrong, but so is the desire to kill and eat someone much more so. Putting the person who did it in jail is not bullshit, your friend is an idiot!
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I am only interested in eating pussy, I have no desire to eat a whole human being though, do you think I am normal?
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@: Wrapped
Although I must admit the lemonparty looks quite good as well!
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Did you hit your head when you fall?
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Cannibalism is illegal in most countries sick
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The fb friend is not a cannibal.. and I know the guy he's talking about. The killer did post an ad and the guy that died wanted to die and wanted to die. So everything was done with consent and the killer even video taped the guy that WANTED to die saying that he wants to die by him./ it's just the Facebook guys opinion. lol he's not saying that he wants to eat someone, he's talking about the killer duh
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