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IIN my father did this to me?
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I was a kid back then (14) and I loved to play soccer. I had a fracture on my right ankle. My father never took me to a doctor. My mother didn't have a vehicle. (We are rich 911 didnt work in our country then)

A week passed I limped to a free of cost hospital and waited 2 days for an x-ray result. Found out its too late to treat my ankle properly.

I was beaten to go to school next day cause my father figured I could walk and should go to school.

I could never play soccer cause my ankle is not balanced and it still hurts a lot in winters.

Its just one story. I am 28 now. Still feel tormented. I had to quit job cause he was sick. Worked for him. Spent all my money to extend his house. Can't get a descent job cause of 2 years gap.

Found a long term good business deal. He disrespected the manufacturer. Now there is no deal.

My ankle still hurts bad. Bandage won't do any good either. In my father's house I am not allowed to use heater cause he wants to save electricity.

Should I leave the house without a job?
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Your father sounds like a terrible person!
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I am looking for a job but it's difficult to crack cause I am too stressed. I tried to post this on 30 dec but ran out of internet.
I am still unable to focus. I want to reply to you but I don't remember what was I about to say a moment ago.
It has been 2 years. I want my life back. I am skilled. With accounts, tax and trade law. Companies don't hire me because I didn't work anywhere for 2 years and I am too old to be considered as new graduate.
Its painful and if I start doing drugs it will be the end. I will loose my skills. But I can't get a job.
I guess I don't make sense. I am sorry. I say this to you because you don't know me. And I think what's the use. I am too tired I wish I could sleep. But the internet will run out tomorrow. Or day after tomorrow. I don't know what's the day.
I have an interview. I can't make it in my condition. I am sorry I dont make sense.
I want to ask something. but I don't remember what is it. I forgot I am sorry. I shouldn't write this to you. It won't help you it won't help me either. But that's what I am thinking right now and it feels better to write this to you. I am sorry but that's all I can do right now.
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Get your edge back and get your inner glow, you inki lose when you decide that you have lost. It's time that you confront your father and make distance momentarily if he doesn't understand. You are insanely talented and the interview is just your chance to show what you have to offer. Don't pity yourself because of what you had to bear because you are a winner and you are going to fucking win and none of it would matter then. You have grinded your ass to get that degree ik because I'm still working for it, you just can't lose it to life. Smile back to life no matter what it treats you like be a cruel motherfucker and let none of the bullshit bring you down. Even if you lose this interview manage another and keep on trying because losing is not A FUCKING OPTION!!! Toughen up my boy and turn that heater up!!!!!
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Sad thing is, you can't tell if this is satire or trolling or completely legitimate these days.
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Great response.
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Beat that fucker with a bat!
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