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I wear a lot of necklaces and other jewelry. I've noticed that once I've worn a pair of earrings or a necklace, it develops this really gross smell - kind of like onions, but more unpleasant - that comes off on my fingers when I touch the jewelry. It gets worse over time, especially when the jewelry discolors. I mostly wear costume jewelry made of steel or pewter (I'm allergic to nickel), but I have a high-school ring (I don't know what material it's made of, maybe low-caret gold or a gold blend), and it doesn't smell. I feel like I'm going crazy, since I'm the only one who seems to notice the smell, and when I've asked jewelry vendors for help, they just stare at me and say no one has ever complained about their jewelry having a weird smell. I'm paranoid that somehow my own body chemistry reacts with metal and makes it smell bad and discolor. Is it normal that i think my jewelry smells?
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It's an allergy, it sucks, I know. But it makes me kind of happy that other people have this too. Anyone I spoke to about it doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about.

I've had this oniony smell with almost every piece of metal I touch for most of my life (I'm 23.)Like, it'll smell wierd after a second of touching it. And I didn't know what it was.

Try some nickel-free jewelry, I just bought some at JCPenneys and it doesn't smell (!!!) I never thought it was an allergy, because I don't get hives or anything, but that's what it is. You can find nickel free stuff in alot of places you just need to look for hypo-allergenic stuff.
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Yeah it's normal, that's what fake jewelry smells like after a while. If you go to the store and smell those plastic hangers with the metal hook, they smell like that too. I hate that smell, it's yucky. If it irritates you, you should invest in real jewelry.
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@: blop
Along with the fake jewelry, I have real stuff that gets that wierd smell too, lol, like, things from zales, and it still has that smell. It's just an allergy.
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Ugh, yeah, I have this really great, expensive necklace that smells just like that. So confused, but I guess its normal.
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I never noticed that onion smell on jewelry but I have noticed it on a pair of metal tweezers. I threw them out because it smelled so gross.
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karldaggerfield - I've used rubbing alcohol on my jewelry, and that seems to help. I'm afraid to use bleach. Won't that ruin the jewelry? A lot of my jewelry has gemstones, or is made of pewter or stainless steel, not gold, and I don't think bleach is good for that type of metal.
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bleach is probably not good for the real stuff, try baking soda, or (as stupid as it sounds) listerine. It's disinfectant, but not strong enough to erode the precious metal.
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I buy cheap necklaces and they usually smell like that when they get old :/
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my god, I HATE that smell. it makes me sick to my stomach. That brassy metal smell
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My skin actually seems to corrode metal jewelry - I'd been wearing a bracelet every few days for about 2 months, and the metal finish is already coming off the beads (okay, the finish is not permanent, but most sources say that the finish should last for about a year). I got a pendant for Christmas, and it's already tarnished (and it smells like onions too). Maybe I'm not storing my jewelry properly, but I didn't think that even cheap metal will rust that quickly.

I'm now keeping all my jewelry sealed in plastic bags in a closed box, so the smell won't contaminate my newer jewelry, and the sunlight won't damage it.

I do have skin problems - I break out in hives for no reason at all. Right now I have about 30 hives on me, and I don't know what caused them to form. I've had rashes from touching certain things (strong scented detergent or cleaning materials), but the reaction is always local. The rash I have right now is spread out, on my feet, my legs, my stomach, and my arms.
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Maybe it is time for you to clean it.

Provide some methods for you.(Pearls as example)

1) Take off your pearls. In a sink, turn on the water to a small stream.

2) Rinse the pearls to remove any dried on dirt. Carefully use your fingers to gently rub off the dirt.

3) Apply some of the mild soap. Work into lather.

4) Rub the suds onto the pearls. Rinse again.

5) Use another soft towel to dry. Set pearls aside so they can dry completely.

6) Use the cloth to polish the pearls.

7) Store the pearls separately, away from other jewelry. This will keep the fragile outer coating from being scratched.

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Could it be the sweat/dirt?
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Wash it with a slight bleach mixture to kill any bacteria and then use a bit of perfume on it.
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