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IIN my mum threatens to kill herself if I don't live with her?
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So basically me and my younger sister who is 15 (I'm 18) have lived with my dad for most of our lives however everytime I see my mum she pesters us to live with her. She's recently managed to push my little sister into doing it, and she plans on moving in with my mum by next year. Because of this my mum automatically thinks I'm going to live with her to, which I absolutely don't want.

First of all she is a nut, she has so many issues wrong with her (both mental and physical) she is an alcoholic and serious drinker, she promised she wouldn't get drunk on christmas eve because 1. she has my young sister over who is a diabetic and needs to be cared for and 2. she had to drive us back to my dads today. Nevertheless she did get extremely drunk last night, when she does this she tends to hurl abuse at anyone around and calls up people to start fights.

Christmas was shit because of her and her hangover, and she still had to drive us back today while still hungover. Last night she told me if I don't live with her she is going to kill herself by swallowing pills etc. which made me pissed off. I don't see why my sister would live with her because she's a horrible manipulative bitch
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She sounds like a typical manipulative full-blown alcoholic and it's a pity your younger sister has fallen for her bullshit. First of all, don't take anything a drunk says seriously and secondly, don't get in a car with her again when she's still hungover, you're risking your life.

She's probably forgotten she even said it, so please don't be tricked into living with her. Giving into this sort of emotional blackmail only encourages the alcohol to behave even more outrageously - it's like giving approval to her disease.

It would be good if you and your sister could get yourselves to AlAteen which is a support group for teenage children of alcoholics, before your sister goes to live with her.
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Shes obviously not normal.
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