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IIN my nephew killed an insect?
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So my 11 yo nephew killed a insect because it was making too much noise! He was playing game but then the cricket started to make noise. He search for it moving a couple of furniture and then when he found he smacked it dead. Like a good boy he disposed of the body and then returned to his game. Why he has no feeling for small insect life? I am thinking for showing he a documentary on insects. Any good ones you know?
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Bee Movie
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Have him watch The Ant Bully, best to put a compassionate and humane ideology into kids while they're still young, especially males who usually go through a "violent" stage in the preteen and teen years. Insects and small animals deserve respect and kindness! The "It's just a bug" mentality is very dangerous and always expands.
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lol it's a bug, if you're gonna get so worked up over it why don't you go complain about how baby roosters are thrown in a grinder because their useless to the egg industry ;)

i highly suggest bee movie however. strap him down and force him to watch it. every. day
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why are you blaming him for killing just an insect? don't meat grinders and butchers slaughter thousands daily?
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When my mother and I were walking to the cinema yesterday I was trying not to step on the bull ants that were running over the path but further on I heard a crunching sound come from under my shoe and realised I stepped on a little snail. Even though it was an accident I still feel guilty.
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Perfectly normal.
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