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IIN My reasoning is going out of control as I age?
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I feel as if my reasoning skills are improving faster than the average person and it's becoming a problem because I can't understand the stupidity of people around me, why they would be so stupid without any mental issues, then I start to get irritated in an offended manner by their stupidity.

Is this normal?
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Good morning Friends and Plussers! It's gonna be a good money. The U.S. government could shut down (shutdown only if it affects those idiots directly), the weather is going to be nice (70s and sunny - a day for a ride and run?!), baseball playoffs are around the corner (Go Tigers!), hockey season starts tomorrow (Go Wings!), football was good yesterday (Go Lions!), and I am the same age I was yesterday (can't say that tomorrow!).

Lots of parentheses and lots of fun. Enjoy the day and go one inch further than you think is possible. Crash the wall and the myth!
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Reason has turned you into a dick.
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I dont feel like my reasoning is any better than anyone elses, but I do get irritated with idiots very quickly.
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You would have a point if I haven't been through enough to know it isn't the case.
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I feel stupid people are just born that why. Its no more there fault than someone born with disability. To get mad and irritated by somethings thats completely not under their control, is in itself fucking stupid. Instead be grateful that you have a higher standing and actually help them.
Higher reason skills than than the average person? LOL don't fucking Kidd yourself. its your ego thats gotten bigger. Thats why you've become a dick. Something you yourself admitted.
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Clever doesn't mean better. Don't be so condescending or you may look stupid yourself.
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