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IIN not to like another person?
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If you don't like someone and choose to stay away from them, does that mean you have a character flaw?
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Comments (5)
No, that's the right thing to do. Sometimes you just can't get along with someone and in that case just staying away is way better than wasting your time fighting.
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It just means you can't put up with there shit at the moment, try again in a bit.
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What made you think that means you have a character flaw if you do not like someone? If you do not like someone then that is that. Unless that person is an awesome person and you do not like them, then that makes you a huge piece of giraffe shit. And you are a really bad person who deserves to be torn apart by a bear in the forrest.
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Everybody hates somebody sometime...
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I did dislike someone close to me but it had more to do with myself than them. I know what it is now at least and ignore that urge to think badly of them. And my demeanor towards this person has changed and so has their behavior towards me.

Avoiding certain people isn't always possible, it's better to deal with them and get rid of the negative energy between you. Because whether you notice it or not it does follow you.
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