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IIN or are my family cruel?
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I am in my early 20s and live independently in a city but i keep in contact with my family and visit often. Anyways, the more i grow as a person in the city the more horrible my family are making me feel. I will just list some of the things that they nag me about to explain my point.
1) they complain about the fact im single but judge me for hooking up with guys.
2) they criticise my friend choices because i have friends ranging from 17 to 60 - i should only have friends the exact age as me.
3) they say i cant manage my money cos im always poor yet i pay all my own bills. like everything and they say i dont have bills.
4) they say i dont attend college enough. i attend when i can as i suffer from migraines but i always complete my assignments e.c.t.

they are just some examples. Is this normal for families or do I need to start distancing myself from them.
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I guess it's normal. But depends on everyone elses family compared to yours. Mine isn't the best either but my dad's side is fine.
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