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IIN pirates on island?
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A month or so ago me and a couple of friends went on a cruise to this supposed uncharted island, we had never been there before but most of the locals were really nice, the island didn't really have much modern things though the place we were staying in did have a bar.

We stayed mostly near the beach area but if you go deeper it's basically a jungle, the locals told us to not go to far since it's easy to get lost because there's no trails or signs plus there are feral dogs and venomous snakes and spiders.

We were drunk one night and one of my friends basically dared me and two other friends to sleep out in the jungle, I didn't want to go at first but my friends convinced me.

So we were out in the jungle and obviously got lost, we had a map but we couldn't call anyone bc our phones had ran out of battery by then and there wasn't a place to charge them in the village we stayed at.

We came into another beach area but it was really rocky, we then heard what we thought were gunshots which freaked us the fuck out. Next minute these dudes come out, they had guns and were yelling at us. I don't think they knew english but we gave up our money we had on us and whatever else they wanted to take, it was really scary because one of them was pointing a gun right at us the entire time. They then tried to take one of my friends, my other friend punched one of them but one of the guys shot at us which just missed my arm, and my friend managed to grab the gun off him which made the other guys to back off and leave. I think they were pissed we had one of there guns though.

They left us alone after that, me and my friends booked it the fuck out of there and we tried to circle the beach back to the village, it took us like a hour or two to get back but on the way we heard more gunshots which is when we hid behind the trees/bushes until it was safe.

It was a really scary time and when we came back we told our friends and we immediately left the island to go home.
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What tf are you talking about?
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