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IIN, Really annoyed by Hypocrites and Hypocritical behavior.
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Hypocrites are extremely annoying to me. When Someone tells me or others to "Do as I say, not as I do", I get pissed. for example, if someone preaches about the joys of socialism and "Share the wealth" while driving in a Ferarri, I want to puke. and not just politicians. A smoker telling me not to smoke, A Gay rights activist Shaming a Bisexual, A person preaching Tolerance, then trying to shame me on my beliefs.

behavior like this to me is frankly, Baffling to me and annoys me greatly, I have even in the past called people out for hypocritical behavior.

IIN to be greatly annoyed by Hypocrites?
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Hypocrisy is my number one pet peeve. I try super hard not to be hypocritical.
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I hate hypocrisy too, I reckon something about having grown up in a fundamentalist christian family and observing at a young age that my parents and other christians literally did not practise what they preached.
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@: Ellenna
Yeah, I grew up in a Catholic family, but my family was hardly fundamental about it. However, my dad said to me many times from a young age to "practice what you preach" and to lead by example. He also looked up to the televangelist Larry Rice. "He is the only one of them who actually does what he says" "He talks about helping the Homeless and giving, and he actually works with the homeless, as well as lives charitably". " He even wears suits that came from charitable donations to drive it home!" He even bitched about people like Joyce Meyer and AL Gore, the former for asking for people to give to God and help out, while she tours around on private jets and whatnot.

For Al Gore, he preaches going green, but his house, vehicles, and whatnot are anything but! At least Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hummer runs on Biodiesel!

This really resonated with me, and apparently I took it to heart more than he did, as I got older, I started seeing contradictory behavior in my dad. We got into an argument once, and he even said something to the effect of "do as I say, not as I do"! I was shocked and beyond pissed! I modelled my life on what he told me as a boy, and he failed to do so himself!

I wonder if that explains my anger towards hypocrisy.
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Just stop,stop posting here!!!!!
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People saying 'don't be prejudiced against homosexuals, because people don't get to choose who they're attracted to', but then saying men like me who find children attractive through no choice of our own and have never acted on that attraction need to be tortured to death. The point is most of you are hypocrites, including (especially) the ones who think they're above hypocrisy.
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On that note, I prefer the idea that people with pedophilic urges get therapy if it really affects them, not torture.
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Well, that's a human sentiment, so thank you. I went for therapy years ago. I told the therapist I was depressed and anxious, and he had no problem with that. I eventually told him it was because I was lonely because I can't fall in love with the people I find attractive. Can't even look twice at them for fear of being beaten to death. And if I do develop feelings for a special someone, I can't talk about how that is affecting me with anyone. The therapist reacted with open disgust, terminated the session and called the police. They came to my house and questioned me in front of my family and then did some investigations with my Internet provider, eventually concluding that I had done nothing wrong. So I will never trust a therapist again. Unfortunately there are guys out there at risk of offending who won't seek help because they're less naïve than I evidently was.
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Incidentally, my point was to suggest that even people who endeavour to purge themselves of all hypocrisy probably still have pockets of hypocrisy within areas of thought we're encouraged to believe are unquestionable. Critical thinking is the enemy of hypocrisy.
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i am the same way im 34 and like a 17 year old
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